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A Day in the Life

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I find that new homeschoolers are always curious as to what a homeschool day looks like. The general consensus is “organized chaos”. I have a great routine down, and our days are really smooth…but remember, I’m only wrangling two kids, and one of them I get to leave behind around dinner time…..

6:15am – I wake up, pray, and get out of bed to work out

7am – I shower/dress, have coffee, watch the news (and sometimes pray again…there’s never anything positive on)

7:30 – Wake Kidd Z and pack our lunch as he dresses


8am – We’re out the door and off to work at Baby D’s house. Kidd Z generally goes back to sleep…smart kid!

9:30 – Breakfast and music…generally Stevie Wonder. Baby D’s favorite song right now is Living for the City – the kid knows good music!

9:35 – Kidd Z finishes breakfast and runs off to watch LEGO Ninjago on television

9:55 – I try to convince Baby D to finish eating so we can do something fun

10am – Play time! We generally play LEGOS or indoor basketball

10:30 – School starts. I set up Kidd Z on the couch to do his reading while Baby D and I sit at the computer for his lesson. This takes all of 10/15 minutes

10:45 – I set up Baby D at his little desk with his daily printout for coloring. Kidd Z moves to the computer to continue working.


11am – Baby D helps me pick out what’s for snack time. We practice kitchen basics like putting applesauce in bowls and washing hands and spreading sunbutter on toast

11:45 – Kidd Z and I do math together while Baby D does puzzles or plays Playmobile

NOON – Lunch! We all sit together and I do our Bible reading and devotional. Kidd Z scarfs lunch and then goes to finish the last of his work. Baby D acts like this is the Last Supper and spends forever at the table again

12:30 – Baby D goes down for a nap. We all sit together in the glider and I read books – generally two simple ones like Dr. Seuss


12:45 – If we haven’t already done it then Kidd Z and I do his read aloud. I check his other work and we discuss any issues. He runs off to play alone for a bit and then I collapse on the couch to relax for a moment


2pm – Baby D wakes up. We potty, have a snack, and head out the door to do fun stuff. Usually the park, library, neighbor play dates, or sometimes even just the backyard to go swimming.

4pm – We’re back home for more games. This is where I leave the kids to play on their own as I start to clean up the damage we’ve made to the the living room and kitchen during the day, and when make dinner for Baby D

5pm – Dinner for Baby D. Dad generally gets home right as I’m sitting him down. We clean up and Kidd Z and I rush out the door and into traffic. Kidd Z has a good size snack in the car. He is loving these packs from GoPicnic. In the terms of healthy processed foods, they are putting Lunchables to shame right now! Most times, he falls asleep halfway there

6pm – Football practice. I just drop Kidd Z off and my dad shows up a few minutes later to take over and bring him home afterwards


6:30 – I get home and head straight to the kitchen to start dinner. I change clothes and clean up the disaster created by us rushing out of the house in the morning, including starting a load of laundry

7:30 – Dinner is done, I eat and finally get a chance to rest. Usually on the couch with my Kindle Fire in hand

8:15 – My dad and Kidd Z get home. I rush him into the shower while he talks my ear off about practice. I make his plate while he’s getting into his PJs.

8:45/9pm – Kidd Z finishes up dinner and heads to bed. We pray and read a story and he is out within minutes

9:30 – I finish cleaning the kitchen, transfer the clothes to the dryer, and collapse on the couch in exhaustion

Our schedule fluctuates. Like from September to May we have homeschool park day on Wednesdays. We don’t school on that day, and just enjoy playing at the park with other local homeschoolers. In the summertime (like, now) it is SUPER hot in the afternoon. So we go play in the park, or swim, or at an indoor play place in the morning while it’s slightly cooler. Then we come home, have lunch, and I put Baby D down for a nap. That’s when Kidd Z and I start school. Or if I plan a field trip, we pack up and go right after breakfast and do school when we get home. The beauty in homeschooling is the flexibility!

What does your schedule look like?

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