My goal here has always been to build a community of Black homeschoolers. It takes a village, and where homeschooling is involved, the fact is that, while numbers are growing, we remain the minority. Check out the following websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels. Find some new families to follow! Note: This list will remain published in its entirety, even if sources remain out-dated. You never know what you’ll find in the archives!

ABC Remix blogs on resources for and about Black children

A Blessed Heritage – Belinda blogs about her love for homeschooling and provides a history curriculum that tells a more complete picture of African-American history while instilling pride and inspiring greatness in her children.

African American Homeschool Moms – With a background in education, Andrea Thorpe is a homeschool mom of three girls and the creator behind on of the biggest private homeschool communities on Facebook with over 2,000 members.

A Perfect Homestead – Leticia is an uneschooling mother to three children using her blog to document her experiences and share her faith, marriage, parenting, homemaking, homesteading, and more.

A Stable Beginning – Jacqueline, mother of six, shares their homeschool life using the Classical/Charlotte Mason approach.

Chocolate Covered Boy Joy is a candid blog in which Monica Utsey shares the story of her and her two sons.

Christian Homeschool Bloggers – Demitria shares practical tips, homeschool podcast interviews, and encouragement, while also providing information on different homeschool methods, philosphies, and educational ideas.

Homeschooling In The D -Based out of Detroit, Camille’s blog is not only about the academic lessons of home education, but about the everyday experiences, good and bad, of living the homeschooling lifestyle.

Joy in the Ordinary – A long-time favorite of mine, Latonya is homeschooling her two daughters outside of Tennessee. She is also a freelance writer and teaches art and math on Outschool.

The Mahogany Way – A single, unschooling mom of three, Darcel has been inspiring the masses for years. Psst! You don’t want to miss her Instagram feed.

My Three Seeds of Joy shares a variety of STEM projects along with encouragement to do things differently.

Oyster Academy is a secular home school with the focus of teaching an only child.

Raising Free People – Unschooler Akilah S. Richards both challenges and informs us to push past coercion and fear, and walk toward a model for living with children that centers community, addresses social justice issues, and believes in trusting and respecting children. Akilah is also the the voice of the podcast Fare of the Free Child.

Sonya Kendall shares her family’s journey as homeschoolers along with a variety of resources and craft projects.

The Squishable Baby was created by Lisa for homeschool mothers who felt alone in their journey and desperately wanted their gifted and beautiful children to be understood, accepted and appreciated. And now, it’s so much more!

Brown Mamas’ YouTube Channel – a YouTube channel that addresses issue Black mothers, homeschoolers and parents, in general, are dealing with. You can also find her blog here.

Dr. J shares lots of good information such as in depth reviews and suggestions for teaching math, science, and reading with a focus on gifted learners on her YouTube channel.

Faith and Love Academy is a YouTube channel that is inspiring no matter what part of the homeschooling journey you are on from tips to making your school fun to real life struggles.

The Fallco Family Vlogs – Syreena and her husband Brian, are a purpose-driven homeschooling family raising three kids — and Buddy the Beta — on a journey to live, love, and learn. They have a blog of the same name.

Half Mom Half Amazing shares tips for teaching younger learners along with weekly lesson planning.

Mom Zest – Demetria of the similarly named blog shares recipes, health and wellness tips, spiritual and parenting encouragement for moms, homeschool hauls, and curriculum advice.

My Busy Bees and Me – Erika shares the daily life of her large family along with curriculum hauls and teaching strategies on YouTube, and her website of the same name.

Non Traditional Mommy – I love a fun large family! A homeschooling family of over 10 years with 11 kids, join them for the ride of all things parenting, marriage, homeschooling, and living your best life!

Teaching Our Own: The UK-based mom & video blogger behind a Black Homeschooling conference in London under the same name.

Unschooling the Sensational Six – Karla makes unschooling look easy! They are child-led learners that love to share the journey with others!

Christian Homeschool Moms – a vault of encouragement tips and motivation for homeschool moms of faith.

Cleverly Changing – Elle and Miriam are two moms sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas on navigating homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed education, raising black children in America, African-centered education and all things motherhood.

Fare of the Free Child – A weekly podcast centering Black people, Indigenous people, and other POC in liberatory living and learning practices, by Akilah S. Richards of the ‘Raising Free People’ blog.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry – a podcast that interviews homeschoolers throughout the African Diaspora.

The How to Homeschool Podcast – Whether you are thinking about homeschooling or are already homeschooling, Judy Sarden talks about the issues that affect you and your childrens’ education.

Melanin Taught – From the blog of the same name, Melanin Taught talks about all things homeschool related — from school schedules to racism.

Parenting Decolonized – Yolanda Williams and her guests will discuss how to use conscious parenting as activism against white supremacy and how to raise liberated black children without breaking their spirits.

Sonya Kendall shares her family’s journey as homeschoolers along with a variety of resources and craft projects.

Is your blog, channel, or podcast missing from this list? Let me know and I’ll be happy to add it!