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10 Black Homeschooling “Extras” {List It Tuesday}

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I’m always looking for fun, interesting, and ‘different’ things to add to our homeschool experience. Here’s 15 things I hope to be able to add to our year. Not necessarily to be used all the time, maybe not even regularly, but things I’d like to have around the house to use when we’re looking for some kind of change–oh, and not ALL off them are necessarily geared towards black students.

1) Hands On Africa: I’ve been eyeballing this book for a year. I think it’s time to add it to our collection. The Kidd may not like to draw, be he does like “projects”.

2) Toobs: There’s so many to choose from!!!! My local Michael’s has a huge selection and they’re always on sale or giving away coupons for 40%off.

3) Be A Friend: Though the “audio cassette” makes me give it the side eye a little. CDs anyone?

4) Yo, Little Brother: A book I believe the Kidd should spend some time discussing with the FMF. Survival Skills 101, let’s call it…

5) 10 days in Africa/US/World, etc: We love board games. And the ones we have right now are being outgrown by the Kidd. There’s a whole series of these “10 Days In…” games, what better place to start than Africa?!

6) Carmen Sandiego: I used to LOVE this show (and the game show that proceeded it)! I try to limit the Kidd’s TV watching not just because it’s counter-productive, but because cartoons these days are just stupid and inappropriate. I don’t know what writers are thinking these days, but there really isn’t much ‘quality’ kids programming on TV any more.

7) PBS documentaries: A Place Out of Time and Many Rivers to Cross. Though we’ll probably try to dig these up at the library before I actually by them, I really want Z to see both of these and have them be something we watch as a family. I’m an 80’s baby, born, raised, and lived my entire life in the west. I’m a 3rd generation California native. There’s little to nothing I can honestly ever teach my kids (first hand) about segregation and the civil rights movement and true racism. At going on nine years old, I think it’s time to open that door.

8) The Action Bible: This will find it’s way to our house before the next school year starts. In fact, I’ve been eyeing it so long that it will likely end up in the Kidd’s Easter basket this year. I was going to buy it for the Kindle, but honestly, it’s so beautifully illustrated that I just have to have it in print. I have the Easter Story one on Kindle and we both just love it. What boy doesn’t like a comic book, right? I also appreciate the fact that intentional or not, the people in the book don’t look so obviously white.

9) Mancala – Yes, this specific set. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? We love this game and I find it a shame that we don’t actually own it. Time to change that!

10) The Kids Gardening website: We have have a yard now! During Kwanzaa last year we read a lot about harvesting in Africa and how it’s important that people must work together to grow their own food. So we’re going to be trying our own gardening and growing strawberries and green beans…pray for us…I’ve killed cactus before.


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  1. Latonya Mo

    Nice list. I’ve heard quite a bit about the Toobs. Guess I will check them out. I also used to love Carmen Sandiego.

  2. Kai

    Toobs link down.

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