Your Homeschooling Style

So now you know your child's learning style. Great! Now how are you going to use the ways in which they learn best, in order to facilitate learning? There are a…


Know Your State Laws

One of the first questions people used to ask when we were first starting out was "is that legal"? It is absolutely legal in all 50 states for you to…


Why do I homeschool? Why DON’T you?

The Kidd is entering 4th grade this year and apparently this is the year people believe that school is getting “serious” and we need to stop “playing around” with his education. Because, you know, middle school starts soon and he’ll never “fit in” because he’ll be weird and unsocialized. He also won’t know how to take standardized tests or learn any decent study skills for high school. I came across this post today from Elizabeth over at Adoption in the Real World and immediately fell in love: