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Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

Remember that time I decided what we would be using for this year? Yeah, well, I made a few light changes.  Don’t be surprised, don’t act like you’ve never done it before!!!

curriculum pic
School books! And yes, The Kidd DOES have a circa 1980’s Chutes and Ladders comforter on his bed!

In my last post I said we were leaving Heart of Dakota. Well here’s my mash-up of a replacement. I think I’ve got my mind made up on most things. Again, my goal is to turn our curriculum into a more African centered one.

Blessed Heritage – I love the way we’re learning early American history, with more emphasis on people of color, truth, and all from a Christian perspective.

Christian Light Math, Language Arts, and Music – We really do love CLE. I like that he can take his work books and work independently, yet still be learning. I have the teachers manuals, but even without them, the light units give great instruction. After just 6 weeks or so he’s already spelling better and doing math faster.

Reading – We started with CLE Reading but it was just to much for The Kidd

Apologia Zoology 3 – The Kidd wants to be a veterinarian, so I’m trying to cater to that early. We are using the notebooking journal as well and he seems to like it well enough. I like that everything is laid out for him to do.

For writing I settled on Igniting Your Writing.

P.E. is currently youth football. The Kidd’s season started in July and they’re currently 5-1. He also spent some time at asthma camp this summer and he got to try capoeira. He thinks he might want to find a martial arts class to try.

We both really enjoy our read aloud time, so I think we’ll take it out of our daytime routine and move it to bedtime. Because of our DITHOR selections I will likely stick with a mix of classics and some books that I just know he’ll enjoy. I’ll update again when I have my booklist.

I think that covers all the “big” stuff. Then we have:

Typing Club, GameStar Mechanic, Artpac, Mango Spanish – I gave up our previous plan because again I needed something more independent. Our Mango membership is free through the local library, and it really is fun for him.

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