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When do you begin homeschooling? Don’t say ‘birth’. I know that technically it’s true, but when do you really start working with your kids academically? Two? Three? What do you use? An actual curriculum? Random links and printouts?

I’ve just started using Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1 for my nanny babe, D, who will be 3 in a few months. He really enjoyed day one and asked for more, so we watched a few more alphabet videos and did some more coloring. We spent a total of maybe 20 minutes working. It was fun and he’s been running around yelling “A says aaaaahhhhh!” all day.

I had a tough time choosing between Easy Peasy and one of my favorites, ABC Jesus Loves Me, for him. But in the end, Easy Peasy won out because in about 6 weeks – after nearly three and a half years – D and his family are moving away. I wanted something simple that his parents could have the next nanny continue with or even something they could do themselves with him. I know they have no plans on homeschooling him, but I do hope that this little start can be a positive push towards him loving learning.

Our favorite field trip…Guitar Center!

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