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Your Support Network

I hope you’re not burnt out after taking in all the information you’ve read so far… Are you taking notes, at least? Good! Let’s move on.

Anyone with kids knows that you need a support network. Someone, ANYONE that’s going to be able to understand what you’re going through when you’re feeling unsure of things. Trust me, homeschooling is NO DIFFERENT! In fact, the people in your general circle will most likely think you’re about to ruin your kids and raise a bunch of unsocialized weirdos.

This is where Google becomes your new bestie. Go there, and type in “homeschool group [your city, state]”. Anything? Look at you! You can also check MeetUp, just type in homeschool in the search bar. And of course, there’s the All Mighty Facebook. You should be able to type “[your city/county] homeschoolers” and come up with some local groups. Also, don’t be disappointed if the group page for your local group is relatively quite. Groups that meet regularly in person don’t always have a lot to chat about online.

Having trouble finding Black homeschooolers? Join the Melanated Homeschooling Families Support Group on Facebook. You may find some homeschoolers near you!

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