How Television Teaches Us Science

Warning: Spoilers included if you haven’t seen the show.

Recently we’ve gotten into watching Black Lightning on Netflix, in order to start from the beginning before catching the latest season. After Anissa and Jefferson’s big reveal, The Kidd and I had a whole discussion on the way genes work and why there was NOT a 50/50 chance that each of the girls could’ve been born with powers.

Enter the Punnett Square, ratios and probability, dominant genes, and how this “probably” doesn’t apply to the X-Men because of random mutations.

Black Lightning has also led to discussions on why Black people with albinism are still Black, the historical exploitation of Black bodies in the medical field, why our family refuses vaccines, gang violence and the effects of poverty on our communities, the school to prison pipeline, and so much more.

Basically, it’s FAR MORE than a superhero show.

What shows or movies have you found that have been surprisingly educational?

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