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Fully Secular "Complete" Curriculum

“Fully secular” curriculum contains no religious references outside of discussions of world religions in an academic fashion. Science is fully and deeply explored and covers universal creation origins that center the Big Bang Theory as well as discussion of evolution.

Torchlight curriculum

Levels PreK-5 (as of Summer 2022).
Torchlight uses the Socratic method to engage children and their learning partners in a process of discovery and thinking critically and organically.
PDF guide only. Must purchase or borrow all books separately. Separate math and language arts programs needed.

Build Your Library

Levels 0-12.
"BYL" models the Charlotte Mason philosophy of homeschooling by incorporating general education subjects with nature studies and using narration, dictation, copywork, memory work, etc.
PDF guide only. Must purchase or borrow all books separately. Separate math program needed.

Blossom & root

Levels PreK-5.
"B&R" is a hands-on curriculum that focuses on nature studies, literature, and art.
PDF guide only. Must purchase or borrow all books separately. Separate math program needed.

Oak Meadow

Levels K-12. Workbook-based.
Online & teacher-supported academy also available.
Oak Meadow is a traditional education curriculum that includes textbooks, teacher guides, lesson plans, craft and science kits (elementary), and more. They also offer a teacher support option, or a full accredited academy if you enroll online.
Complete Curriculum in K-4, individual subjects offered for grades 5-12

Khan Academy

Levels PreK-College.
Khan Academy offers complete online curriculum in math and language arts for grades 2-12, as well as science, history, and test prep for middle and high school. Their mobile app 'Khan Academy Kids' offers beginning math and reading for PreK-2nd.
Online only

Neutral "Complete" Curriculum Options

“Neutral” curriculum is often sold as secular and is written by faith-based authors. A neutral curriculum generally chooses to forego all discussion of creation and evolution in science topics.

Moving beyond the page

Grades K-9.
Workbook-based. Online Version available.
"MBTP" offers complete curriculum for grades K-9 (as of Summer 2022). Fully Printed workbook-style curriculum. Online version available. Math is included until grade 5.
Note: The parent company for MBTP is titled 'Epiphany Curriculum, LLC'. Secular users of MBTP have made claims of problematic views regarding Indigenous Americans, health topics, and assumptions of Biblical knowledge.

McRuffy Press*

Grades PreK-5.
McRuffy offers language arts, handwriting, math, and science as fully printed, full-color workbooks. Online version available for level K. Science is available until grade 3.
Note: McRuffy was originally written for use in Christian Private schools, and then edited to create secular versions. While I have not personally found problematic material in the curriculum, I also have not reviewed any of the science.


BookShark is a complete, literature-based, homeschool curriculum.

The Waldock Way

Unit Studies for K-5
Waldock Way offers basic unit study guides for a variety of subjects. Units can be done using the provided book lists and videos and are easy to add to. Student and teachers guides are available.
Note: The anatomy unit doesn't include a section on reproduction, and books listed in the space unit avoid talk of age-based origins.
PDF guide only. Must purchase or borrow all books separately.

Fully Secular Science

Secular science includes thorough discussion on creation and evolution, including the age of the earth and carbon dating. 

real science Odyssey (pandia press)

Elementary and middle school science with lab experiments at all levels. Teacher and student workbooks are included, and lab kits are available from most major homeschool science websites.
Year-long and semester long topics include:
Life Science, Astronomy, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics & Biology

be naturally curious

Be Naturally Curious sells mini-courses, in the form of downloadable PDFs, each of which focuses on a core scientific concept. Mini-courses include hands-on labs that cover early elementary topics including, sharks, DNA, earth science, biomes, and more.

building foundations of scientific understanding

"BFSU" is a series of 3 books that detail teaching methodologies and lesson plans in order to embrace and integrate all the major areas of science. Book 1 is for grades K-2, Book 2 is for grades 3-5, and Book 3 is for middle grades.

scientific connections through inquiry

This science program uses the ideas and concepts from BSFU to create a hands-on curriculum that is laid out for easy implementation. Each level is integrated to cover a variety of science topics per year, diving deeper on the same topics each progressing year.

Fully Secular History

Secular (and inclusive) history includes a thorough discussion of various cultures through their own voices that doesn’t approach history from a religious lens, or present biblical teachings as historical fact.

history quest/ODYSSEY (pandia press)

History Odyssey study guides feature the best resources available, organized into a yearlong study plan for grades 6 and up.

oh, freedom*

"Oh Freedom" curriculum
*There has been some controversy over the way Indigenous cultures are presented in this curriculum.