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Get Started Homeschooling

New to homeschooling? 

The very idea of homeschooling can be overwhelming. There’s so much information out there. So much curriculum. So many different approaches. Where are you supposed to start?




You can do this. Learning takes place every day. You taught your child to walk and talk. If you have a toddler you can teach them to love learning. If you’re looking to pull your older child from school, you can teach them to follow their own path and seek knowledge for themselves.

Homeschooling is not public school at home. It is not really ‘school’ at all. It is learning to lead your child down their own educational path.

When you’re ready, the following steps will guide you through starting the homeschooling process.

know your state laws
find your child's learning style
your homschooling style
your support network
choosing curriculum

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