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The Monday Mix-Up

Mondays are rough for us sometimes. The kids get my full attention on weekends, so when I have to turn that attention back to my computer on Monday morning to get back to work, the littles sometimes melt down.

I’ve been rearranging my schedule a bit to help ease their transition into the day, and as much as I loathe crafts, that’s what we’ve been using. We all sit together at the table and “make” together. This week I put Art for Kids Hub on YouTube and we all drew pictures. I did 4 with them, then left them to do a few more on their own, and they were able to move on to something else without me smoothly later on. Success!

Sometimes, you just gotta mix things up. Like this amazing reusable tablecloth that we love. We’ve got three of them that are large enough to cover the dining table, and a million markers, so we can all color together. Pro-tip….we have also taken this thing to restaurants!

coloring table cloth

What do you switch up throughout the week when things are feeling out of sync?

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