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Why do I homeschool? Why DON’T you?

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The Kidd is entering 4th grade this year and apparently this is the year people believe that school is getting “serious” and we need to stop “playing around” with his education. Because, you know, middle school starts soon and he’ll never “fit in” because he’ll be weird and unsocialized. He also won’t know how to take standardized tests or learn any decent study skills for high school. I came across this post today from Elizabeth over at Adoption in the Real World and immediately fell in love:

Answers to the top 10 ?s public school parents ask (or complain) about homeschooling.

Seriously, I can point you to a good 100+ homeschooling parents that are really tired of answering these questions for you. Sometimes I think that the world must really not be listening. Let’s turn the tables, shall we? And if you don’t homeschool and feel yourself getting defensive, well…welcome to our world.

“We can’t afford to have be a one income family.”

Neither can we. But we do it. My child’s education means so much to me that I refuse to accept a job that doesn’t allow me to be home with him or take him with me. That’s just it. It has taken a LOT of time for me to find something stable and well-paying. But it is worth it for me to work from home. The FMF also works on call, so he is generally home at least half a day as well. This is our priority.

“I don’t have the patience to be with my kids all day, every day. I need a break.”

I have days where I want to stay in bed with the covers over my head. Sometimes I want to sit on the couch all day and watch crap television and pop Skittles and Pepsi until my heart’s content. Sometimes I do more chastising and yelling than teaching. But you know what? I’m closer to the Kidd now while homeschooling than I ever was when he was going off to school every day. I’m less tired because we all get more sleep. And I feel that I’m a better mother now than ever before. Some days I really have to stop myself, take a deep breath, pray, and we move on with our day.

“I’m not a teacher.”

I’m not a teacher. But I can read, follow directions, and have researched curriculum to DEATH. I’m not an idiot, and I’m no genius. I was not valedictorian of my high school. I did not graduate with honors anywhere. I never even had a 4.0 GPA. But I’ve learned to utilize the resources available to me, including other local homeschooling parents, and I’ve never felt my child’s education was lacking in any way.

“I don’t want my kid(s) to be weird or unsocialized.”

The other day I looked outside any my current ONLY child was on the patio in too small plaid pajama pants, mismatched shoes, a thin white t-shirt, and a wave cap, singing a random song about Jesus and chasing the dog in circles. All I could do is laugh. He has become his own person over the years. If being HIMSELF makes him “weird” then so be it. As for socialization, he plays and talks with people of ALL ages with the same amount of respect, joy, and playfulness.  When was the last time your child sat and chatted comfortably with an elderly person they weren’t related to? Or entertained a child much younger that want a sibling? The Kidd is FAR from being socially awkward…ME on the other hand? A whole ‘nother story.

“I’m not into ‘sheltering’ my kid(s).”

I’m separating this from the issue above because I’m me and I do what I want, lol. But really….Statistics and stories like these…and these…and these….and these….and these…I could go on. Since when is “sheltering” a BAD thing? Why is it not OK for my eight year old to just be an eight year old? Why should he have to learn to “deal with” these things at such a young age. He’ll have the rest of his life to be an adult. Do we talk about the difficult things in life? Absolutely! Just two weeks ago he was in tears for HOURS because we ran into a homeless man and I didn’t have any cash or change on me. The depth of my son’s empathy, innocence, and compassion for others only leads me to believe that so far, we’re on the right path.

“My kids and I already battle during homework at night, they’d never let me teach them.”

Hahahaha!!! This one always just makes me laugh. “My kid would never LET ME….?” Errrrrr! STOP! Who’s the parent here? I don’t yell at my kid all day. I don’t beat him or threaten him with anything other than natural consequences. We have our battle days, but in the end you better believe that what I say, goes.

I try not to knock things I haven’t tried (except eating bugs). I’d encourage those of you who don’t homeschool to do the same. In fact, give it a try. Sometime this summer, or even during Spring Break…go to Homeschool Share. Find the right level for your child, choose a book or topic you and your child are interested in, and do a unit study. This was initially how I started homeschooling. Kidd Z and I did the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs lapbook, followed it up with a viewing of the movie and a discussion of the differences over a spaghetti dinner. It was so much fun! And his success and interest really showed me that I could do this!

So try it… you might like it…

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  1. David

    I particularly agree with you on the job question. Everyone makes choices about what is important to them- often homeschooling parents seem to have prioritized their kids and spending time with them. We and many other parents we know were spending $30k plus a year on private school anyway, so what’s a bit of lost income? I know many mothers whose entire income goes to pay for private school for their child – why not instead spend the time with them?

  2. I’m a former public school teacher- while both my girls attend public school, I’m all in favor of home-schooling. In our situation, I pulled the kiddos out of our community school and they attend another school out of district on a variance. Parents should have a choice in their children’s learning. In my current career as a sewing teacher/fabric store owner, I come in to contact with a lot of home-school kiddos who are well adjusted, capable, well spoken individuals. Keep up the good work, my husband feels it’s the home-schooled kids who are going to save the world! 🙂

  3. ilovehomemaking

    Are you sure I didn’t write this post?! LOL. You took the words right out of my mouth and I think EVERY homeschooling mom! Great post.

  4. Lindsay Bess

    This has inspired me so much!! I can’t wait till I can do this as well…I’ve always felt this was right for me somehow…I think it’s the way we are all supposed to educate our babies. Just an opion tho!

  5. jvbzook

    SOCIALIZED?!?! With all the negative academic climate in so many black schools, and the drugs, gang and police-state atmosphere (when it comes to black kids) —– who wants socialization at all!!!!!

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